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took my normal T shot yesterday and already feel worlds better. I have all these male squash blossoms on my squash plants and my friend Aster reminded me the other day that they are edible, and so today for lunch I experimented with making batter fried squash blossoms and ones just dredged in seasoned flower and then fried. I also picked some tomatoes suffering from blossom end rot and used the same batter and then some corn meal on them and fried them too. Both ways to cook the squash blossoms were wonderful. The ones just dredged in seasoned flower (flower mixed with onion powder, cyanne, salt, pepper and ground chilies) were slightly crunchy, impossibly light and then creamy in texture. Magnifique. They would be really good on top of a salad or on the side of a decadent pasta in cream sauce. The ones I battered (same seasoned flower mixed with a splorch of half-n-half) I let fry until they were a medium brown. They were absolutely heaven and I dunked them in a bit of ranch and I was transported into multiple mouth-gasms! The fried green tomatoes were ok...I'm not sure I liked the corn meal as a coating. I'm going to try bread crumbs tomorrow. Next on the docket...home made pizzas with goat cheese, squash blossoms, caramelized onion and prosciuto. Picked the first zucini from the garden tonight and ate a few slices of it. I'm thinking I'm going to shave it into thin slices and toss it in some rice wine vinegar, toasted sesame oil and black sesame seeds and rock salt and see how that tastes. I try to eat most of the ingredients from my garden raw to get the max nutrient impact from them.